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In order to successfully navigate the immigration processes, foreign nationals wishing to immigrate to Canada or obtain citizenship frequently rely on the counsel and experience of immigration and citizenship consultants. However, these foreign nationals are sometimes the victims of unethical or fraudulent consultants which are incompetent or not authorized to practice Canadian immigration. This may result in severe consequences to the applicant, including misrepresentation, delays to immigration applications, financial loss, and even permanent loss of immigration status. That is why it is advisable to do your due diligence before appointing the consultant and make sure the consultant is authorized by CICC (The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants). We are a regulated licensed immigration consultant by CICC with Licence No. # R705898. We are also a licensed Saskatchewan PNP consultant with Licence No. #000871. We are also a good standing member of Capic.

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Novel Canada Immigration


Our goal as an organisation is to be open about where the boundary of our knowledge lies and to hire people smarter than ourselves to push this boundary outward. We’ve learned over the years that saying ‘I don’t know’ is sometimes the best thing to say, because this openness about what we don’t know has led to a plethora of learnings, and ultimately, successes.


We believe that when our people win, we win too. So one of our missions as an organization is to imbibe a sense of leadership in every single Hackster. We believe in providing all the tools necessary to become a leader in the near future. As a result, our people are better equipped to handle tough situations, whether that’s during their stint at HackerEarth or otherwise.


We firmly believe when we stay quiet despite our inner voice wanting to say something, the whole team loses out. So, we encourage our people to never forget that their thoughts, opinions and perspectives are welcome, whether the listener would like what they’d hear or not. To this end, we’ve ensured that any employee can reach out to any superior, including the CEO.


When an organization is small it is incredibly important to move quickly, and the only way of doing this is by having absolute trust in your colleagues’ abilities. So, needless to say, we love to empower employees with the freedom to delegate, and also to grab ownership of a task and run with it.

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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker

Business & Investor Visa

Express Entry

Family Sponsorship

Humanitarian and Compassionate


Labour Market Impact Assessment

Provincial Nominee Program

Study Visa

Super Visa

Temporary Resident Permit

Visitor Visa

Work Visa


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